Residing in Big Lake Township

Commonly Asked Questions:

How does the Town handle invasive (noxious) weeds?  What do I do if I find on my land or in the Township/County? Working in cooperation with the County and State, the Town has a designated Supervisor that monitors and inspects noxious weeds.  Early detection is the best way to control noxious weeds from taking over and damaging/destroying our agricultural crops and natural landscapes.  To report a noxious weed or possible sighting please file a report (can be anonymous) at: REPORT A NOXIOUS WEED.  

For more information and to view a noxious weed identification book, please visit the County’s website at:


Who is the Law Enforcement Agency?          Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office (763) 765-3500

Who can answer questions about a building project?    Sherburne County Planning and Zoning Department

What is the snow and ice removal policy? Snow and Ice Control Policy

Where do I vote? State of Minnesota Polling Place Interactive Finder

What K- 12 schools are available?   Find a School/Library Interactive Map

What is the Town’s animal Ordinance?  Ordinance 85-1 Regulation of Animals

What is an E911 Sign?  Posting of Assigned Street Addresses – E911 Signs  

How do I get an E911 address sign? – Contact the Clerk’s Office: Email Clerk’s Office or call (763) 263-8111.

Who are the utility service providers in the Township? (No Utilities or services are affiliated with the Town)

Connexus Energy                    Xcel Energy                   Elk River Municipal Utilities

PO Box 279                           414 Nicollet Mall               PO Box 430
Ramsey, MN 55303               Minneapolis, MN 55401    Elk River, MN 55330-0430
(763) 323-2600                      (612) 330-5500                 (763) 441-2020


Connexus – 763-323-2660    Xcel: 1-800-895-1999      ERMU – 763- 441-2020

  • Natural Gas   

CenterPoint Energy                      Xcel Energy

PO Box 4671                                PO Box 9477
Houston, Texas 77210                 Minneapolis, MN 55484
(612) 372-4727                           (612) 330-5500

  • Internet, Telephone and Cable TV

Charter – Spectrum                 Windstream                      CenturyLink

PO Box 3149                        PO Box 9001908                PO Box 91154
Milwaukee, WI 53201          Louisville, KY 40290           Seattle, WA 98111
(833) 267-6094                   (800) 347-1991                    (877) 837-5738  

Frontier Communications

(855) 755-9732

  • Refuse and Recycling

Ace Solid Waste                       Randy’s Sanitation

6601 McKinley St.                     PO Box 169
Ramsey, MN 55303                  Delano, MN 55328
(763) 427-3110                         (763) 972-3335

Advanced Disposal

2355 12th St. SE
St. Cloud, MN 56304
(320) 251-8919

What are other Refuse, Recycling and Hazardous Waste Disposal options?

Sherburne County’s Solid Waste Website

2018 Sherburne County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events 2019 dates to be announced.

Events are FREE for all Sherburne County Residents (I.D. Required)


How does the Town handle plowing and ice control product?  To ensure the roads are in safe winter driving condition and maintain fiscal responsibility the Town of Big Lake’s policy is to normally begin snow/ice control operations, when a snow event results in at least two inches (2”) of snow accumulation and/or the snow has stopped falling. The consideration of cost, environmental impact and severe icy conditions that seriously affect travel are factors used when deciding if/when and to what extent, ice control products are applied to Town roads. Additionally, Minnesota statute § 160.215 affects the use of ice control products the Town can apply.

The Town has a Road Committee that is constantly monitoring the winter driving conditions of our roads, and will dispatch units to plow and/or deliver ice control product as warranted.
REMINDER:  Drivers need to use winter driving skills and speeds, as that is the first-line of defense with the winter weather and road conditions.