E911 Address Signs

Township Ordinance 8 states that an E911 address sign must be installed at the end of your driveway near the road.  This will help emergency responders such as police and fire quickly locate your property, as well as mail/package delivery. 

The E911 Address sign is $35.00 (check or cash).  Need an E911 Address Sign? Please email or call (763) 263-8111.

Prior to installation, please make sure you get the underground utilities marked. Contact Gopher State One Call at 651-454-0002 or online at GopherStateOneCall.org to set up a line marking ticket.

  • Install at the access point to your property (where your driveway meets the road), with the following guidelines:
  • The signpost needs to be at least three feet (3’) but not more than eight feet (8’) from the road edge.
  • The height of the sign needs to be between four feet (4’) and five feet (5’).

PLEASE NOTE: Mailbox Ordinance for Residents on Township Roads (Not County Roads)

1150 Mailbox & Post Placement and Specifications