Ordinances/Building/Roads/E911 Signs/Dog License

Town of Big Lake Information:


85-1 Regulation of Animals 

SUMMARY 85-1 Revised 2014 

1215 Regulating Poultry in General Rural Zoning District

SUMMARY 1215 ORDINANCE Regulating Poultry in General Rural Zoning District

       E911 Signs: Posting of Street Addresses – E911 Signs – Ordinance 8

       Mailboxes: Mailbox Post Installation – Ordinance 2009-1

Mailbox Post Installation Illustration

SUMMARY Mailbox Post Installation 

      Parks: Ordinance 2005-03: Establishing Park Rules

      Parking/Idling: Ordinance #7 (REVISED June 2017) Stopping, Parking

      Cable Franchise: 1010 Cable Ordinance

Clerk’s Office Requests:

  • Dog License Form ~ REQUIRED for dogs older than 6 months                                     $20 for lifetime of dog ~ replacement tag $2.00 
  • Gopher Bounty Claim Form  ~ Trapped in Big Lake Township Only


Planning and Zoning   – Building Permits

Big Lake Township’s Zoning Authority is Sherburne County. All Building Permit Requests and requirement questions should be directed to the  Sherburne County Planning and Zoning Department: (763) 765-4450.  The Department has five sub-units, Planning & Zoning, Building Permits, Solid Waste, Environment, and Septic Systems.

Sherburne County Ordinances

 Township Road Information

Snow and Ice Control Policy

Map – Big Lake Township

Road Mileage Map Big Lake Township

Public Right of Way

Posting of Assigned Street Addresses – E911 Signs – Ordinance 8    See below for more information

Mailbox Post Installation – Ordinance 2009-1

Mailbox Post Installation Illustration

Vehicle Parking, Stopping and Idling – Ordinance 7

Residential Driveway and Culvert Requirements

Commercial Driveway and Culvert Requirements

Second Driveway Requests – onto Big Lake Township Roads only

1) Mark with flags where the proposed driveway will be located on the property.

2) Contact the Clerk’s Office for an approval inspection. Email Clerk’s Office or call (763) 263-8111.

3) After inspection you will be notified of approval, requested adjustments and/or if a culvert is required.

E911 Address Sign Installation Requirements

To order an E911 Address Sign, contact the Clerk’s Office: Email Clerk’s Office or call (763) 263-8111.   

SIGNS $30.00  POST & HARDWARE (optional) $10.00  Cash or Check only

Prior to installing the signpost, you must get underground utilities marked. Contact Gopher State One Call at 651-454-0002 or online at GopherStateOneCall.org to schedule up a marking ticket.

Install at the access point of property – where the public road and your driveway intersect.

  • Install Post at least three feet (3’) but not more than eight feet (8’) from the road edge.
  • Install so the height of the sign is between four feet (4’) and five feet (5’).